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Unhappy Curses, foiled again!! A/C this time

Well, 300 E KE-III engine management doesn't work right, transmission doesn't work right, so I figure at least the A/C worked before the "renewal". I'll charge it up and at least be cool while taking it to the respective techs to get it fixed. Hook up the vacumn pump and pull the system for two hours at 30. Start the induction of the oil/r134. Most of the gas escapes into the atmosphere due to bad o ring in the puncture valve. Minor setback, $12 wasted. Get new valve and some sleep.
Sunday morning: Hook up vacumn again and pull system again. The oil/r134 is gonna fly out the can into my system, I can feel it!! Turn the valve, can starts to get cold, joy oh joy!! Start car and await compressor clutch to engage. Two minutes, nothing. Feel can of gas, it ain't cold anymore!! System won't take the gas. This car hates me and the feeling is beginning to be mutual!

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