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I'm the one that missed that the right side was the window in question, you had in on the subject line and I missed it. Here is the whole socket assignment for that connector:
1 green with white stripe, to window motor
2 Black with yellow stripe, to window motor
3 Green with red stripe, from window switch in console
4 Brown, ground wire as provided from safety switch in center console (small sliding switch to disable kids from rolling down windows and throwing things at friendly Hells Angel at stop light)
5 Vacant
6 Blue, illumination for switch
7 Black with a white stripe, from from window switch in console.

On your car having the green and black in #s 1 and 2, I would assume the window motor was changed at some point and the motor wiring is different from the original, no more stripe on the wire, so green with white stripe is now just green, and the black with yellow stripe is now just black.

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