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My wife and I went through the "Dexcool" problems with her 96 Blazer, I guess it was a fairly common prob with mid-90's S10 Blazers, I've heard a few explainations. I think your web browser should come up with more technical reasons behind it. One explaination I recently heard is that actually it was a radiator problem, materials-related, not the coolant. I also heard that the Dexcool product is affected somehow by air in the system, perhaps even cavitation by the waterpump.
But yeah, her system was just really jammed up with rusty cruddy looking gunk, looked like the truck was run for years with only water in the system, and of course I take good care of our vehicles, so that wasn't the case. It was the original fill of coolant.

No, the MB coolant isn't at all like Dexcool, it's supposed to be replaced at 3 year intervals. The product that MB has been selling for years is more of a yellow color to me too, maybe a slight orange tint before mixing with water. About the same color as clean brake fluid. Dexcool is advertised as an extended service life coolant, 100,000 miles I believe.

As a couple side notes, for the past 2 or 3 years MB has been using a dark blue coolant, at least in the German built vehicles, ML class I believe is still the yellow coolant. No word from MB on if they will eventually use the blue coolant as a replacement in the field or not. I have not seen a change in the replacement interval on the new cars with blue coolant, so I can only assume the blue coolant is not extended service life.

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