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OK I pulled one of the PC's out of the way and proceeded with the dignostic testing of the Klima socket. First 3 tests all good, (12V power, pressure switch and electromagnetic clutch). Test #4 for the compressor speed sensor asks for a nominal voltage of at least 0.03 VAC between terminals 5&7, I got .24 VAC, a tad under. Going to the resistance test of the speed sensor, it asks for a nominal value of 530 to 650 ohms, I get 890 to 897 ohms. On test step 5 for the starter ring gear speed sensor, I it asks for at least 2.8VAC, I get almost 6 VAC at idle. Test step 6, the emergency cutout temp switch asks for a voltage of under 1 V, I was well under that, so no short there.

So the compressor speed sensor is a bit out of range, but I am wondering if it is really enough out of range to cause the Klima to cut the compressor, or if the Klima is actually bad.

Questions, should I just replace both, or start with the speed sensor? Does changing the speed sensor involve a system discharge?

Also, would it be OK to short the Klima terminals 5 & 7 temporarily until parts get here?

Finally, where is the best place to get my parts?

thanks for any and all help.

Brian, out here in the HOT desert.
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