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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
My limited experiences in troubleshooting that system on the SDL generally leads me to conclude that the Klima doesn't act instantaneously. If it's dropping out due to a bad signal from one of it's input parameters, it generally will start the compressor for a short period of time (maybe 30 seconds) and then drop it out. It resets this behavior each time you shut the engine down and restart it.

So, you could observe the clutch and see if you get 30 seconds or so of engagement each time you select the middle button (compressor engaged).

If you get nothing, my bet is on a bad Klima itself. They are known to fail.

Yes, you can jump sockets 5 and 7 and the compressor will run all the time (and potentially freeze the evaporator in the process). It's better to setup a small relay using socket 10 as the ground signal from the CCU. When socket 10 gets the ground, the relay closes and provides power to the clutch. Under this setup, the evap temp switch still has control of the compressor clutch and the evap will not freeze.
I realized after I posted that jumping 5&7 would result in the compressor running all the time, I was going to ask about bypassing the speed sensor if possible to see if that is the problem. However in light of what you said about the Klima letting the compressor run for a short time, I am leaning toward a bad Klima. The compressor never starts, not even for one second.
Where can I get one for a good price?

Thanks for all your help, I remember you from way back when I first got this car and I was obsessed with it. I haven't done much to it lately (especially since I got my Powerstroke) but it has been a very dependable ride for many years.
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