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Funny thing after you made your first reply, I went and listened to the engine compartment just to see if I could hear anything (common sense) and sure enough I found a boot that was dry rotted (split down the seem) and had just a little bit of hissing. The little unit it connected to, connects to another hose and it slides off and on very easily. (Now from your second post I'm sure it leaks as well). Well, my next question are what are these lines and what is it connected to? First off, the item in question is to the left of the fuse box assembly. It has 3 inputs or outputs. A green hose (cant remember tracer) and a red hose with a grey tracer come in from the top end. Then the piece itself plugs into a black hose. The red hose/grey tracer goes down toward the engine compartment ( running parallel with the windshield) somewhere. I looked but didn't see where it emerges. The green hose seems to connect to a piece going towards the cabin of the vehicle.

My next observation was after pulling a plug out...I have ngk plugs that have some carbon build-up on them. My question is how sensitive is the vehicle to the proper plug brand being used?

Also, the squeeling/chirping I mention when the vehicle runs goes away completely if the A/C is not running. It still sputter a little then starts to go but not quite as bad when the A/C is running.

There are new plug wires, distributor cap and couple other items in the engine compartment that look brand new. Engine looks like it was rebuilt judging by the new looking gasket material in different places.

I very much appreciate all the feedback you have given...Thanks.

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