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I decided to go with re-man axles from Napa. I 'm still waiting for my rotors and brake pads. I have a few questions about the axles I got from Napa, one of the boxes they came in looked rather beat up and may have been dropped. The inside of the box has a large oil stain in it and the instruction sheet they provide was also soaked in oil. I'm worried about the axle having been damaged or leaking. Should I take it back and ask for another? Or am I being paranoid? The other thing I noticed was that the cans on the axles were different (both homokinetic) yet the "business" ends look the same and the over all length is the same. The boot clamps are different also, and I guess I was expecting things to be pretty much identical. Should I just throw them on, they come with a 3year warranty. Or should I hold out for a matched set? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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