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240 D questions

Hi welcome to the forum!!!!

This is a great place and has tons of really good info and plenty of people ready to help. I am a noob myself but think I mite be able to answer at least one of your questions

"give me some ideas on how to test the vacuum pump. I highly doubt that the vacuum pump has ever been gone through."

Get yourself a mity vac or something similar, I got a similar one at harbor frieght for less than $20 I think they also have them at sears this will be yor friend for many things

Disconnect the main vacuum line at the brake booster, plug the little lines that connect to the main vac line, be very careful removing the rubber hoses from the main vac line, the connectors on the main vac line break easy, plug those somehow, connect your mighty vac at the brake booster end of the main vac line and test for vacuum. A good read is no lower than 17, I think, 20's is real good the higher the better. If you do a search up top I think you will be able to find vac diagrams for your car save them on your pc sometimes the links go bad

From what I can understand there are 2 style vac pumps the newer style has a smooth face. The older usually are replaced 'cause the bearings go bad in them and make a real good mess of things. I think the newer style do not have bearings. From what I gather they can be rebuilt. Click on the link above "buy parts" And Phil and Roy will be a great help to you. Their phone numbers are on the front page of the forum.
I have an 85 300D so this is what I have learned so far w/ my car so yours mite be a little different.

Post back all of your results so we can learn along with you!!
we love pictures
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