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same thing on my E220

I just got a '95 E220 a month ago & it's got that idle problem when it's in normal operating temperature.

Obviously it's a very known problem.

Can anyone pls. me what is/are the common cause of this idling problem?

On another thread they were talking of a faulty temp sensor that could cause this. I just checked the the connector (30 mins. ago)on the temp sensor and one of the plugs had a bit of corrosion. I cleaned it and sprayed a very small amount of the WD40. I drove around for about 20 min. and the problem didn't show up.

I'll definitely find out by tomorrow if it really got solved when I drive to work & get back home.

I like the W124 since it came out and being the next decendant of the classic, reliable & the MB flagship carrier the W123 (w/c dad own 3 of them). But hearing prominent faults such as intermitent rough idling, sometimes I have doubts on the reliablity of the german technology in MBs compared to that of the japanese technology in Hondas.

It's probably a no comparison on the prestige & image aspect, both personal & the general publics notion, but I also owned 9 yr. old honda and did not have a complicated problem/s as being discussed in this site.

Oh well, I guess you just can't have it all. Nonetheless, I love my W124. .......but let's see. I'm working hard to keep it up to an as new condition and will judge it from there.

back to the problem- any advice???
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