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If I remember correctly, O-rings seal the can everywhere except where the boot clamps on. Held in tension by the crimp. It has been about 7 years since I rebuilt mine. If you cut the seam it all becomes clear once you see inside.

If I were to do another set today, I would try the flexx boot concept to see how that works. If that didn't go well, I would just cut the cans and rebuild like I did before.

If the flexx thing works, that would be the way to go. Easier.

Getting the old grease completely cleaned out is important also. Slide the axle into the end to see if you can hear metal on metal contact. The shaft has nylon bumpers that can fail...and they need to be there.

Swap sides when done to get a fresh surface for the balls to run against, unless you have some of the early axles with the goofy spiral sealing surface.

The original axles are old school, high quality, German engineering, whatever you do , don't swap them for junk rebuilts or chinese scrapmetal.
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