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Originally Posted by Duncwarw View Post
I'm sorry, but an owner of any Citroen (maybe the 2CV excepted), Alfas and especially Renaults asking about MB reliability?

Again, no offense intended, but how many of these marques are even seen on American roadways these days?

In the 1970s, the highways were chock full of MGs, Triumphs, Sunbeams, Healeys, R4s, 5s (remember "Le Car"?), 10s, 16s, and sometimes even Citroens. All a distant memory now.

Not that they weren't loved, they just didn't last. Lloyd, Vespa? The list goes on forever. All lovely cars in their own way. Bring back the SAAB shrike I say....
I know nothing about French iron, but Italian stuff is actually pretty good quality ... IF you can figure out those Marelli electrics. That DOHC FIAT engine, the little two-liter job -- for my money, maybe the best 2-liter gasser ever built. Buttery throttle response, never happier than when it's screaming at 6500 yet amazingly grunty. And the bodies are a lot beefier than they look. If I could have any five cars in my garage right now, one of them would be a Fulvia. Rosso? Certo!

But, well, there's that Marelli crap to deal with. I sincerely believe Marelli is why FIAT is no longer in the American market. It's the electrics. Especially their pathetic excuse for electronic ignition. (And believe me, I know crappy electrics. Me and Smokin' Joe Lucas go waaaay back.)

OK, sorry, I kind of hijacked that one, didn't I?
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