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Checked the ignition switch. No problem there. I can't find a seperate fuse location. On my Car, the main fuse box is on the driver's side by the firewall. I don't see any other fuse locations outside or near this fuse box.

There is no fuse in the main fuse box nor aux box in the trunk that is labeled about an A/C blower. All the labeling talks about is climate control(2 or three times mentioned on seperate fuses).

I did take all the covers off and found the blower motor. There looks like a blower regulator on top of the blower(screwed on), but the number on it doesn't match any controller number I've seen on Fastlane or Partshop for a blower controller, though it looks like pictures I've seen. This one has a funny number and it's made in France.

Thanks for the help so far. Any other ideas?

Ken G
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