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Mercedes Dealer does not sell parts for w123's anymore?

I was in a pinch the other day and needed to pick up a new drivers side window switch for my 1982 300D (window was in the down position and would not come up due to failed switch). I went to my local dealership (Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim aka Caliber Motors) and to my surprise they told me that Mercedes does not make parts for these cars anymore and that no dealer stocks them? I could not believe my ears, as there are a lot of these cars around. I usually get my parts from this site but I always counted on the safety net of getting parts same day from my dealer, if I was in a pinch. This dealer is supposed to be one of the largest wholesale parts dealers in the country. I found it humorous that I can get parts for my 55 300SL from the dealer but not my W123? whats next no parts for w124's or w210's? CRAZY!
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