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Ok I blew the head gasket on my 36 AMG due to a failed water pump, this is the second gasket in 6 months :S

Any way come assembly time my mechanic set the timing as follows:
1- the exhaust Sprocket set using the U dwell hole.
2- Intake variable set to retard.
3- The 4mm holes with the timing chain firm are slightly over the head level on the intake side and slightly lower than the head on the exhaust cam.

the car idles steady and fine. now as its the engine should be running slight retard.

ill confirm abt the power, top end, low end, idle and driving feel in the coming few days. ill also race several cars i had race before to see if it was setup like before or not, and if its better or worse.

BTW an engine with cams retarded should idle steady, advanced should feel lumpy like its on cams, i for one have no idea how the 36 AMG should idle but slight retard is useful on the AMG since it has enough torque low down, so top end will help me pull gr8 from 5kRPM to 7K shift point.

any input from u guys would be gr8.
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