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Originally Posted by okyoureabeast View Post
I was able to get the wiring working on my w123 with a guide from Benzworld. I've used it often when the fog in Ithaca was terrible.

I'm not sure if the wiring between the w123 and w124s is the same. I guess if you were feeling adventurous then go ahead and find out
This is Darren's very nice DIY thread. He also made one for this board.

Originally Posted by Jeremy5848 View Post
And when you have all that finished, you'd probably get cited for having a tail light out (since the rear fog lamp is on one side only).
You can just explain to the officer that it's a rear fog, and it came that way. I would only turn it on in foggy or bad weather conditions, since it is distracting especially at night when the car that has the rear fogs on, is in front of you, in traffic.
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