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Originally Posted by noah brinkman View Post
can you find a working but a cheap one to swap in

then rebuild yours the kit is like 26 bucks then swap in rebuilt one

this is what I plan to do after I take care of some hardline crack issuse
and maybe timing stuff
Thanks for the comments guys, I still wonder why the change and what the change actually was. So far I haven't been able to find a good answer on this.

Problem is there's no cheap replacement local to me. There are all of three S class cars in Iowa (that I know of), one that uses the same gear and two that use the later steering gear. The one that I know of that uses the early gear is expensive to buy just to overhaul mine and some driving distance away. Of the two later gears one is on an S320 that is past the VIN cutoff but very reasonably priced at a yard I'm familiar with, the other, also past the VIN cutoff is on an S500 at a local full service yard that only allows escort access into the yard.

From casual visual inspection these units look the same, I cannot tell the difference, but there could be one. That's why I've been struggling with what to do about this, but I cannot adjust further on this steering gear, it's too worn I think. The prior owners drove it too long with a horrible wobble and it's taken a toll on the steering gear and some other components. The car drives ok and it is aligned properly, but there's still a subtle vibration in the steering that has to be resolved.

If someone finds something else let me know, I still would like to understand what the difference is, but as I have tomorrow and Friday off I plan (sans rain) to go out and perhaps pull the gear off the S320.

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