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so here is where I am

I took the injectors down to the local bosch shop and had them tested. All sprayed nicely and opened at the proper pressure.

The owner of the place drove a nice 80 or 81 CD. He said that shaking in the older engines is common and more pronouned in the turbos and most pronounced in the 5cyl.

When I asked about getting the pump tested or rebuilt, he indicated that it would be rare that there would be something wrong with the pump to the point that a rebuild would be needed. Even if he got it to work on the bench, he thought that the car still would rock.

So I ordered a pair of engine shocks for replacement this weekend, I can always return them if when I get down there, the originals are still good (which I doubt).

I opened up the delivery valves and flushed them before retorqueing the IP valve holders. I installed the injectors again, with new heat shields. Interestingly, injector #5 had two heat shields- one correct sized and one for an SDL???? This is not the first time that I have found strange repairs with this vehicle, like the time I took off the lower oil pan and found no gasket. I put all new heat shields in (only 5), installed the fuel pipes, and put on new return lines.

Now there is only minimal shaking at hot idle and almost none at cold. I will see if the shocks remove the last of the shake...

With regard to the IP valve seals, the picture above explains the retorque/no-retorque discussion above. I am getting shaking in OM617 that seems to have copper seals, my OM603 seems to have the "hard metal" seals that retorqueing would not help. By the way, nice engine- I wish mine were that clean. It looks like there is a lot less vacuum tubing (for emmissions system) than mine.
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