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I've never seen any Redline Info which recommended insane water to coolant ratios. A ratio of 70% coolant is going to result in overheating. The only thing I've seen them mention is 50/50 ratios in passenger vehicles or pure water in racing engines.

For anyone who wants proof and doesn't buy the proof on Redline's site at then I suggest forgetting about it.

Yes, you cannot use distilled water by itself but when it's added to an anti-freeze, the problem goes away.

All of this has been discussed by the now deceased Frank King who was the Technical Editor for the Star Magazine for decades.

Redline is a very reputable company. We're not talking snake oil products like Slick 50. Redline probably make the best oil for passenger cars that's available in the US. Redline and Mobil 1 oils are probably used in the majority of racing engines competing in the US, even in those race cars that are sponsered by another oil company.
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