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ignition wire plugs

I was replacing my spark plugs today on my 1988 300e and I accidently broke the ignition wire plug on the number 3 cylinder.
I was pulling with a pliers when i heard a crack so I stopped. After I got the plug out, I cut away the rubber coating to see what happened, because i figured I needed a new plug anyway. After calling all the shops in my area and nobody has the plugs in stock, I took a closer look and noticed that I only broke the plastic covering, and the rest of the plug is intact. Better yet, When I push the rubber coating back, I can get it looking like new. So anyway, My question is:
Would it be bad to drive the car tonight without replacing the plug, given that I could reinforce it with a little electrical tape? The dealership said the part is coming in tomorrow, so can I drive it tonight without any major problems?

Please help, I kinda need my car.

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