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Update on AC problem: I had the system recharged and the tech found a big hole in the hose that runs from the receiver/drier through the firewall and under the dash. They charged me $150 to charge (1lb of R12) then purge the system and told me they would have to order the hose from the dealer then flush the system and recharge it. They want $350 to flush and fully charge (2 1/2 lb. R12) the system plus whatever the hose and labor to install it will be. I thought about buying the hose and installing it myself, but if it leak's at any connection when they recharge, they will purge it again and charge me another $150 and my AC still might not work. It looks like when working with R12 there isn't much you can do yourself. Maybe its time to consider converting to R134. Any ideas on how much that woud cost??? Thanks for any input...

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