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Did you check out the link I posted. It takes you directly to the technical data on WW including test comparisons.

Redline happened to discover WW while they were trying to come up with a solution to another problem. I doubt they have any competition so maybe it's still protected by a patent.

Yes, 70% water will run cooler than 50/50 but then you must add Water Wetter or another source of additives to provide adequate water pump lube, etc.

I buy MB coolant and pre-mix 50% distilled water, 50% MB coolant and 4 oz. of Water Watter per gallon of the pre-mix. I then drain as much of the old coolant from the engine as I can get w/o opening the block.

I then add back in the pre-mix until it's topped up. I realize that people will say I don't get all the coolant out using this method but I do this yearly so it's constantly being refreshed and there is no tap water in the system.

This costs me about $10/year/car depending on what the coolant costs me. It takes only a few minutes to do it. This method has worked beautifully on my wifes 18 year old 190D and my 11 year old 300E.
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