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Old 01-16-2000, 02:12 AM
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ive noticed that when accelerating from a stop ,when i get around 40mph i get a vibe then it goes away
ive checked it in neutral at the same rpms that occures at 40mph but no vibes the engine runs up smooth
the car is a 85 380se and ive been having vibe problems lately high speed and low speed
i had 16 in wheels just put on with 225 60 s and had a real bad vibe around 60 an up i took them back off and put the factories back on im pulling my hair out trying to figure this car out i want to use the 16 in wheels but i need help getting the vibes out
does your shop in the metro atl area handle this sort of stuff
also this is the second set of tires that have been put on these wheels in the past two weeks i got the tires at pep boys they are the futura challenger h rated tires and i whatched the guy ballence them to " 0 "
please help thank you
also dont give me hell about going to pep boys my but is already sore from me kicking it


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