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I'll will let everyone know with a post if belt slips later.

I thought about it that way too, but decide to try the method I described because of reading so many posts about tensioner failures and-or short life. Right now there is NO sign that the new belt is slipping any at all. The old belt was not slipping, I just replaced it as a maintence-time issue. It did have some inner circle cracking on the small "V's" . It might have worked for years with these small cracks but I was in there so it made sense to renew the belt.

The apparent belt tension is about what it was before replacement, but I have no way to really accurately measure it. I just didn't want to risk tearing the tensioner apart since I am sure the rubber in it is harder and less compliant than when new. I did replace the upper bushing on the shock with a spare bushing which happened to have the exact size. Had come off of an old BMW air pump mounting which I had saved in the toolbox, WHY ? go figure.? It was still relative soft and fit real tight. The only reasing I am talking about that bushing is I suspect that shock slack is a major factor in the demise of the tensioners since that movement can stress the tensioner. If you can feel any movement much (at the top of the shock mounting) while idling you probably will be buying a tensioner soon !!

I'll be sure to post if my ideas about this prove out wrong ---

Luck with yours,
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