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it's still there

oh well guys, my idling problems are still there.

actually it's not the same problem as I mentioned earlier. I thought it was a typo error with that 2500 rpm. Mine actually goes down to 450-500 rpm as oppose to going up.

I noticed that it only happens when the car SUDDENLY stops from a relatively fast acceleration. Put it this way, if I accelerate and gained some speed then suddenly stop the low idling shows up. But when I accelerate then decelerate slowly the idling will be normal.

From what I've been gathering, this must be a mass airflow sensor problem. It senses the mass of air IN when the car accelerates but does not react when the car suddenly stops. The MAS thinks that the car is still accelerating or still in motion thus limiting or increasing the air flow (whatever the case may be) and causing the rough idle when the car is actually stationary.

Does that make sense???

Pls. help as this is driving me crazy......obviously.

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