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I reset the code last night and the CEL has not come back on as of driving into work this morning

I just called Fast Line and spoke with Phil and I got a price on the valve in case I need one. I'll probably also check for the several other things that Mr. Dalton mentioned in an email and see what I find.

As a first time Mercedes owner I must say that the first time that CEL appeared I had a knot in my stomach. But now through research and helpful advice and info. from the forum members I feel good again. I love the fact that the car has the box with the LED in the engine bay Couldn't get any simpler in design and functionality.

With a new car line there is always a learning curve I am just entering the curve and I hope to learn much more along the way. My only cars over the last 5 years or so have been Miata. The Mercedes is our first "practical" car in a long while. Have a question about a Miata, ask away. I am extremely confident working on any aspect of the Miata's and soon I hope I will be the same with the Mercedes.
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