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Rattling in door

An annoying rattling has cropped up again.

I think it occurred in the past from time to time, but my wife just started to notice it again perhaps because she had the radio turned down, A/C off or windows up.

It sounds as if it's coming from the front part of the rear pass door, somewhere between the door latch/switches and the front (towards motor) of the door or B-pillar.

I sat in the back seat while she drove and ruled out the B pillar/seat belt, the rear seat, the windows and even hung my head out the window to listen for exhaust rattling or suspension racket. I secured anything loose in the trunk and lubricated the doors and latches. I pulled the door in, fussed with the lock and window, put my hand on the wood trim/door handle/switches etc -- still rattled.

It seems to rattle only over small, sharp bumps, esp. while slowing down or going down a hill. So whatever it is, the piece slides fwd and knocks against something. (?)

I checked out the door panel removal procedure in the service manual and it seems easy enough, though they don't provide any pics of the door guts.

Any other thoughts on this minor issue? I'll probably pull it off tomorrow.

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