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Unhappy Clutch problem ....

Hi !

Need advice and help about the master & slave cylinders of the clutch on a 97 W2O2, C250 TD.

Sometimes, when I keep the clutch pedal down, waiting at a light, and the gear on, the pedal doesn't raise up, and I can't release the shift knob.
To release it, I must switch off the engine, and pull the pedal with my foot.
But I don't observe that everyday.
I've checked the brake fluid bottle, but the level doesn't change.
After that, I've checked the master cylinder, but can' see any leakage, same for the slave cylinder close to the gear box.

I've been told it might be Air in the system, due to internal defect in the cylinders ( slave or master).

Any help or advice would be appreciate, Thanks in advance !


NB: Please, don't make fun of my english...
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