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I have a 260E with 175,909 miles. Last week, I was experiencing problems at stop lights and sitting in traffic such as the air conditioning, radio, and lights cutting off and the ABS and SRS lights coming on, and when I would stop the car I had to get someone to jump me. I took it to the mercedes dealer and they replaced the alternator and battery. This fixed it for a few days, then it started doing the same thing again. I took it back today, and they replaced the alternator and battery again (free this time since the old one was but a week old). On the way home, same thing. It cut off on me in downtown 5:00 traffic and I had to get someone to jump me When I got home, I immediately called the dealer (Beck Imports of the Carolinas) and my service advisor told me to bring it back in the morning and they would look at it. Anyone have their own opinion?

1988 260E
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