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>The worst part is taking the condensor out, because your gonna have to open the AC system up. But, you have R134A from the factory in there so you are at a big advantage there. Whether you want to have the system vacuumed out by a pro or do it yourself (its enviromentally friendly) is your call. Me, I would just let it drain.

I should mention the extreme sensitivity of R-134 systems to moisture. An open system is an invitation to water vapor (even tiny amounts) to get in and become acidified in the closed running system. Goodbye evaporator, hello huge removal labor fee, ugh. Geez, the evaporators on the 124 cars reportedly die easily enough as it is; let's not give them further excuses to expire.

Any time that I have an R-134 system open, I plug openings as fast as possible, and when the system is closed back up, I take it to a pro to have it vacuumed out of every last bit of oxygen and every remaining water molecule.

Fans on this car appear to be doing great, but if anyone has any words about long-term upgrades, I'd be happy to take notes :-)

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