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If the hard pedal means very little movement then then the calipers are crudded up, and not letting the pads move. The pressure you develop has to go somewhere, and that's why the line blew, and probably the "new" master cylinder. Replace the front calipers (click FastLane at the top of the screen, then Catalog at the left) and see if you have enough for emergency braking to get home. If your helpers didn't bench bleed the master cylinder then make them take it out and do it right. You're going to have to do the rear calipers and rear brake lines ASAP, so at this point you might as well buy all four rotors and pads for all four brakes and get the pain over with. Dollars to donuts the previous owner didn't bleed the brakes every year, and his neglect is now your problem and expense.

You can get home without vacuum (power) assist on the brakes. Just pretend it's the old days when nobody had power brakes.
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