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300e stalls

so rather than start a new thread here's the update- or is it updown- of my stalling problem. got the vehicle back from the dealer who changed the head gasket within two days of the 90-day warranty- so guess I am on my own now. Car ran beautifully this morning- cooler temperature, less humidity. I really though the car was fixed- the brakes even felt 'sturdier'.

About 5 pm temperature 94 outside, start vehicle, circle workplace parking lot, go over speed bumps stop and stop sign- stall.stall-trestarted and sorta thumped into gear- but ths time it went in gear, an improvement from the total lock up. I thought, I was not driving this vehicle correctly- I am not used to an automatic, so I drove 'harder' 40mph with dead and firm stops- okay- out on highway no problem, get to Trader Joe's, buy food. Attempt to pull out of parking space (in reverse) whoa....idle revs, drops, revs, drops, stall.

Drive off highway- stalled three more times- inconsistently, one time just driving along about 35mph and bam. Get to within a mile of home, the vehicle is perfect, purring along, cannot reproduce any stall, hard shift, etc.

Looked under the hood one thing noted a plastic cover that holds down wires going to spark plugs was loose- and on a fresh start when put the car in reverse, that whole part of the engine seems to lift up (which might have loosened the cover or cover lost alignment in heat)- again inconsistently.

And why does this happen only when I'm driving? Car was driven back from dealer two states, hot humid highway driving then traffic and no problem.

Anyway tomorrow hope to get an appointment with local mechanic but sure would appreciate feedback from tech folk here. I also remember reading a post somewhere about a transfer case problem- I wonder if that fits here since the problems seem to occur when the car is driven at lower speeds rather than high speed 55+ then stopping. Though now I am leary about driving over 40 in case it stalls on a turn when I take foot of accelerator.

Thanks for any input.
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