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Hi, Nicolas -

This may have nothing to do with your problem but I mention this in case your alternator is the original one and no work has ever been done to it.
I was told 95% of the time it is the voltage regulator that needs to be replaced and the alternator very rarely conks out even at 200,000+ miles.
Mine gave out at 190,000 while buzzing down the highway and the A/C, Radio, etc. starting shutting down.
The dealer had them in stock and I was back in business the same afternoon. The two spring loaded contact brushes were worn down.
These are Bosch parts and some have a diode and some don't (according to the dealer) and need to remove it to see.
Mine had the diode. (81 - 300SD)

I figure it would be worth just checking since it is easy to get to. (You may need a very short screwdriver.)

Not sure in Canada, but I paid around $70 for the regulator and swapped it out in about five minutes, if you were wondering about the actual cost.

Good luck.

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