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e300 1996 disel pump may be pro elp required


working on the above model on the weekend, the problem is there was a disel leak the first problem was solved bye changing one of the pipoes that runs from the disel pump to the disel filter,

thats one problem solved,

the next problem is there is also leak from the out let jets that come out from the pump, the disel specialest say he will sort that out friend doing it cheap.

3rd problem putting everthing back together i tryed statring the engine it started but after 40 sec approx it started behaving like it was starving of air or something and the whole engine nouise changed, the instremet pannel computer showed ECO CHECK after this the car has not started , the prblem now is

no diesle comming out of the injectors outlet or inlet ,

is there some kind of reset of the disel pump, or what is wrong with this beast
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