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Mercedes Events in Illinois

HTML{height:100%;cursor:text;} BODY{padding:3px;border:0px;margin:0px;} .PlainText,.HTML{font-family:'Lucida Console' !important; font-size: 80%;} P{margin:0em !important;padding:0em !important;} BLOCKQUOTE,UL,OL{margin-top:0em !important;margin-bottom: 0em !important;padding-top:0em !important;padding-bottom:0em !important;} *{text-indent:0in !important;} SPAN.squiggly{border-bottom:dotted 1px #f00} The following are some of the events that the free Mercedes Benz Illinois Club has planned for this year. If any of these events are of interest to you, visit our web-site, , and join the club, by sending your e-mail address or just send me an e-mail:

April 22 Knauz Classic car collection and ******** Spring tune-up
April 24 & 25 Jefferson, Wi.
April 24 Central Illinois section of MBCA is hosting a tech meeting at SUDS M-B in Normal, Illinois.
May 1 Eurocharged Open House
May 2 AACA-Grayslake

MaY 2 LaSalle car showJCWhitney.pdf
May 15 & 16 Belvedere car showBelvidereModelT.pdf
May 23 Freeport car show
May 30 AACA Car Show - Sandwich, IL
May 31 Naperville Classic Car Show
June 5 SupercarSaturday
June 6 Oak Brook " " "
June 12 & 13 Blackhawk racetrack
June 19 Tech session at major MB shops
June 27 St. Charles
July 3 SupercarSaturday
July 17 Elburn car show
July 18 AACA-Lake Forest

(view 2009 winners)
July 24&25 Sycamore car show
July 25 Oak Brook Classic Car Show
Aug 7 SupercarSaturday
Aug 7 Another Level Car Show
Aug.8 AACA-Momence
Aug 21 & 22
Aug 22 Geneva Concours
Aug 30 Amboy car
Sept 4 SuperCarSaturday
Sept. 5 Yorkville car show
Sept. 19 Cantigny-Wheaton
Sept. 19 Chicago
Sept. 26 Palatine car show
Oct.3 Elburn car show
Nov.1 AACA-Brighton. Wi.

Regards, Bob Dolce

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