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Cool .. literally..

Here is some food for thought

Low fan is a/c pres. activated and accomplished via resistor V. reduction.. [ which is a big draw, but besides the point]

Now , if we had a thermo sw. to sens under hood/cond. air
[ an electric water heater top element thermo would fit the bill here , as it is adjustable and the top one has both n/on-n/off terminals ] , and we wired that in parallel with the low speed resistor, set the cut-in for extreme heat/ load conditions,
you would in effect now have both a low and high speed a/c condensor fan.... which may be just enough to keep the a/c cond cool enough on extreme load as to not raise the eng temp to the ect temp cut-in.
It seems that the high fan ect is usually called for at extreme a/c
heat load as the radiator intake air is right up there from the hot condensor... so maybe........

This would still be an indepenent circuit cuz we are still using the a'/c pressure sw , but just changing the fan speed to 2 speeds , now both pressure[low] and temp[ high] sensed..
I have not tried any of this , but it has been rolling aroud in my head...
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