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I agree with Larry Bible's assesment. I have no problems with my AC evaporator. When/if I do, it will be expensive to repair the Evaporator. I emphasize evaporator, because many cars, including MB on the w124, have the evaporator installed such that is time intensive to remove. My Acura Legend was that way as well. Plus, the compressor and other parts on the Legend all failed about the same time - the price I was quoted by several shops for repairing the Acura (without needing the evaporator) was MORE EXPENSIVE than the price I was quoted as a max 'replace everything including the evaporator' worst case price I was quoted when my 87 300E AC started loosing coolant. As it turned out, it was only a minor charge for recharge with r12/dye mixture, which showed a lminor eak in a fitting. Held up for another 18 months, then was $345 for a proper r134a conversion, overhaul, and replacement of essential parts. (I converted to r134a because no shop in our south Coast Air Quality Management District could install r12 - I tried a number of places.) The car is still running the original compressor, evaporator, etc. and works great.

I have a burgandy interior with my smoke silver 300E. The dash and steering wheel are black, the headliner is beige colored, everything else is burgandy. Some pics are under the tab at the top of the page in the DIY section under the Stereo Removal article. I like the combination, personally. I may install black floor mats just to preserve the factory original mats and to try something a little different, but the interior looks very nice, and Vinylex makes the MBTex look like new leather. I will look to see if I have any other interior pics i can scan.

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