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OK, here are the symptoms. I need some expert opinions.

1. Car heats up faster than normal
2. Temp fluctuates between 85 - 100 deg. C.
3. Heater works fine. when on, temp drops.
4. no system leaks.
5. Upper radiator hose is quite warm upon reaching operating temp. Lower hose is
cool to the touch. Upper hose is quite
taut, but can be squeezed when engine
6. Both sides of thermostat housing are hot
but connection to lower radiator hose is cool.
7. Thermostat was replaced 1-14-00 with MB
OEM unit.
8. Expansion tank cap was replaced 1-14-00.
9. Expansion tank was replaced 9 months ago.
10. Water pump was replaced 9 months ago.

O.K., does is seem like I have a blockage in the radiator? This is my diagnosis. Any opinions before I drop the $$ to put in a new one.

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