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ok, ok...........enough of the 2nd grade answers

I understand the properties related to the color spectrum, I work with LASER systems in the military, it is all about properties of light. I suppose what I'm asking is more of a marketing question for an MBA. How can you market a product as "OEM" when it IS NOT. OEM replacements should look, feel and REACT similar to OEM. More heat is NOT SIMILAR to OEM whether it be from wattage, color or both.

So on to the technical side...........are there Higher wattage rated sockets available for 9004 series Headlamps, if so.......where? I did a search on 4 different major search engines and only came up with one hit for some generic 9004 series sockets, no watt rating or any other tech info. I went to my local Kragen auto parts store and they had NONE available. Will try an import specific store and hope for better results.

Originally, I purchased the "Cool Blue" bulbs because they were actually cheaper than the OEM replacement "white" ones that were next to them not expecting any difference other than a minor color difference of projected light, definitely not melted sockets.

OK, enough ranting from me, please I just need some replacemet sockets. Thank you.

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