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I did the labour my self (no special tools required, almost!)

3.0 hours or more at most shops... I checked with 2 One said a flat rate of $175.00 plus tax 7% + any thing extra they might run into. The other said 3.0 hours at $70.00=$210.00 plus the parts.
They did not wish to do the work with my parts(Belt, WP and Thermostat) which I had alread aquired here from PARTS for $191.00. So after considering these two shops I decided to do it myself. The only special tools required are: (1) a small round file to hold the fan clutch pully. An out of sight hole is in the pulley which the file fits into and holds against the notches on the housing. I bent the file handle 90 degrees at 1 inch from the end on the handle. Other people say a strong wire of about 1/8 inch works to hold it. and (2) a 13mm flex socket (6 point is prefered) used with several extentions, (3) you may need some allen sockets in size 6mm, 8mm. (4) I think I used a 10" and two 3" extensions. The parts have to come off in order. fan shroud, fan blades, fan clutch, belt loosen, then tensioner bracket then tensioner itself, Power steering pump- lay over to the right but don't take off hoses. Then try the bolts on water pump---Depending on your tool and extentions you may also have to drop the AC compressor down onto the suspension--but don't un-do ANY hoses here.

This was the first time I had done this particular job so I took most of two days to do the work. But I'm not as young any more. It is a DIY job but I did scratch myself up some. It a hard job, the back two water pump bolts are really hidden under a lot of stuff.

Luck to you, SEARCH these archives and print out the steps. I had to do that because I don't have a CD or manual yet.

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