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300E irritable running

I've searched through the archives and not had much luck deciding on which part to replace first...

'92 300E. Runs flawlessly with A/C off. When A/C is on and car is cool (been sitting) it has no problem with acceleration. When it gets warm it gets sluggish and won't pull out of intersections without trying to die. It won't ever totally stall, but I have to EASE on the gas until it gains momentum. On the highway it will be sluggish, then all of a sudden take off.

My thoughts are:
O2 sensor as my fuel mileage is bad...130K and it's the original.
I'm leaning toward this as I am SURE it needs to be replaced.

OVP...the fuse isn't blown.

MAS...not sure how to check that.

Fuel Pump Relay...the fuel pumps don't seem to be cutting out.

The car just had a new fuel filter installed, and it seems to have gotten worse since then. When I run Redline or Techron cleaner through it, the stalling seems to be less on THAT tank but come back the next tank.

I appreciate ANY input and possible solutions. I know this is a popular subject.
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