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W126 Interior Ducting

I just finished repairing a blown relay controlling the driver's side courtesy light and the dome light (thanks compu_85!; also gskurka & some others)

Now I have the lower dash panel off on the driver's side and because it took me so long to fix the other thing I cannot remember how to get the horizontal black plastic duct back in. I have attached a picture of it.

It has a round opening on the left side and I see a mating round hose coming down behind the upper dash for that driver's vent. The right side is rectangular and connects somehow somewhere about where the center console starts, maybe about as high as the radio. I don't have a clue where that connects now, but I'm sure I took it off after removing the lower panel and without having to take off anything else.

Does anyone have a picture of how that duct goes in - I have 2 different manuals and neither shows it, and a search of this forum didn't turn up anything either.

Any help much appreciated.

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