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190E 2.6 Driveability Issues

My name is Kyle I recently got my first German car: 89' Mercedes 190E 2.6 with 69k .

First I have a bit of a starting problem, I have to crank on it three times to get it going when its cold. It hits on 1 or 2 cylinders than dies. I replaced the Accumulator, and it currenty holds just under 40 Psi indefinetly. When I stop, go again, it misses bad until I get past 1500 RPM than it clears up in an instant.I richend the mixture on the top of the fuel distributer( screw turns in for rich? correct?) about 1/8-1/4 of a turn (it helped or seemed too at first but now I wonder, since its started missing again). I wonder if the two problems are related? The plugs are new Bosch platnums.

I tested the temp sensor and according to the curve in the Mitchell manual its about 30 degrees off or 2-300 ohms is that close enough for these? basicly the car is at 172 degrees and it has an ohm reading that would be consistant with 145 degrees. I am also confused because a parts magazine has it listed as 4 prong sensor for an 89. but mine is a two prong. The sensor I need is the last sensor on the head closest to the firewall right?

The posts on this board are informative as well as easy to understand, I hope to share my knowledge with others now that I am a registerd user.

Thanks in advance!

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