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last monday, the temps dipped to -20C here in Toronto.

while starting my 190e2.6, i simply crank it (it's good that it starts instantly) and wait for the oil pressure gauge to show normal operating pressure. It's interesting that time seems to slow down while waiting for the needle to rise. And then i let it cook for a while before driving off.

while waiting, i have to pump the clutch a few times (it's a manual) to warm up the hydraulic fluid and flex those frigid linkages.

upon driving off, the engine and drivetrain make more than the normal noises. I hear some kind of slushing noise in the first minutes of driving off, the tone of which seems correlated to vehicle speed, independent of gear choice, even while coasting in neutral. Which makes me think that the manual transmission itself needs to warm up. It indeed is more difficult to shift while first driving off.

and i am easy on the brakes in the first few kilometers so as not to produce wide variations in temperatures across the rotors, lest they warp - maybe i'm being overprotective here.

once warmed up and flexed thoroughly, it's back to normal and the car is happy happy happy. But my butt is still cold because the seat heater takes some time to take effect.

i worry about the abuse the engine, drivetrain, and rear suspension bushings go through in this process, but then i just think about the extreme cold weather testing these cars are put through before they are released to the public, and my mind is put to rest.

but then, i also want to see the stuff the car is made of, to see where my money went.

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