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Thanks JimF and Arthur for your info. You have no idea how hard it is to get technical information about Mercedes vehicles in the UK. I telephoned the sole UK importer recently to get the exact date of manufacture of my vehicle from the chassis number. Not exactly sensitive information you would think, but they insisted on written proof of my ownership and identity before telling me it left the factory in January 1996!!!! Dont get me wrong the cars are great but information is not readily available. Further to your info and for any others with my vintage of car who have consulted the Haynes Diagnostic fault codes manual in vain !!!! it would appear the correct diagram for fault code retrieval on my model is figure 22.10 on page 5 chapter 22 in the section entitled Bosch EZ-L IGNITION MODULE FLASH CODE RETRIEVAL (16 PIN) and not the diagram 22.8 mentioned in the section Bosch Motronic MP6.O/6.1 and HFM/PMS flash code retrieval 16 pin which is otherwise correct for the type of management system and codes. I hope this isnt too confusing, but if you are familiar with this particular manual you will understand what I am driving at. Sounds as if it might be worth getting the the US cd on the e320 coupe. Not exactly the same model e220 v. e320 but I guess there is a certain degree of overlap. Any comments guys? and thanks again. cheers Graeme
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