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Thanks for your reply - guess what folks? The problem is back. I've talked with Steve B. about it (thanks Steve), and I'm going to follow a few more angles to this. One constant - when the car goes in the shop and they rotate/align the car, and I get it back, it drives great - for about a day or two. Then the same problem occurs. Steering goes sloppy, and wheel shakes. It hasn't mattered what wheel is where, or how many tires I've tried (3 sets). Steve has suggested trying out new front shocks...

When I got the car out of the dealership, it drove smooth and cushy. Then, as usual, the car went bad. I know I've worn you guys out with this post. I've worn my mechanics out too. But my attitude is that I've spent close to $3500.00 trying to get it nailed down - and various mechanics have ultimately blown me off (politely, of course). The problem isn't constant, and of course the shop foreman at MB could not duplicate - 2 times. I know how my car is supposed to drive; I'm sure all of you guys know when your car is driving "right" or not? Of course you do. Not to sound arrogant, but the Boeings I "drive" at work are obviously far more complicated than my car, yet they have a 99% + dispatch reliability. Why is it so hard to get someone to take the time and figure out whats wrong with my car? I don't have time - that's why I take it in and let professionals do it. I guess. All of you on the forum have been fantastic, and again a special thanks goes to Steve B. who has taken his personal time to answer my emails - he doesn't have to, but he does. Great guy!

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Again, in the interest of edu-ma-cation, I will let you all know what's next. I dunno at this point.

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