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Thanks Mike - got the job done but found another problem. You know the block drain plugs for the antifreeze with the 7mm allen keys? Well - there is a plug like that on the bottom of the oil filter housing and another one on the block just behind the smog pump bracket. the one behind the smog pump was dripping oil for a long time which caused quite a mess on the bottom of the oil pan. I took it out and did not see a gasket - yes it was very tight when I went to remove it. I put a spare gasket in and put it back and cleaned the mess. Started the car yippee!! no leak. I have been complaining about a valve cover gasket leak at the passenger side rear for some time - when the car gets hot - and you rev the engine - plumes of white smoke from burning oil come from behind the motor from the exhaust . If you let the engine idle - no smoke - rev it - smoke. I jacked up the front end and slid right under the car to see the back underside of the passenger side of the engine. It is covered in oil. 2 valve cover gaskets later - yes torqued with torque wrench - still the same problem. So now I am starting to wonder - the two 7mm oil drain plugs by the filter and behind the smog pump - if the drain behind the smog pump leaked under revs - maybe it isn't the valve cover gasket - maybe there is another 7mm plug near the rear passenger side of the engine that is leaking. Any ideas if there is such a plug there? The only not - so easy way - of me finding out is to drop the exhaust manifold to get a better look - but I am worried about broken studs if I try to remove which will be bigger headaches. Any ideas?? Thanks
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