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Continuing Saga

I went to pick up the part at the dealer and was surprised to discover it was the wrong part. I got the number from and while the description was correct the part# was wrong. The actual part number is:140 830 0008 and its cost is $68.

The part is located behind the small louvers in the same console as the overhead lights and sunroof switch. Removal is easy: pop off the two light covers as you would if you were going to change the bulb, release the two clips at the bottom of the assembly and pull it out. (BTW Alldatadiy was wrong on this too; they showed screws.) NOt quite sure how the part itself will come out but I think having the new one in hand will make it obvious.

I guess the moral of the story is when ordering parts and the nice parts man says “I will look that up for you…” let him do it!
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