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I still think your flow of oil is from the valve cover seal.

A couple things to check for: the valve cover bolts need the small copper washers and do not need to be tightened very tight, maybe <6 ft/lbs (I use a 1/4" drive ratchet for the covers), with the cover off check the condition of the sealing edge of the head (on mine I found the exhaust manifol edge had several raised, razor sharp ridges which cleaned off nicely with a very small file) be sure the edge is smooth and flat, also watch out for the seal cathing on the top edges of the exhaust manifold gaskets, they stick up a slight bit and the gasket can hook on those which can cause a leak.

When you pull the cover take a close look at the sealing edge of the seal. If it has been sealing it should be dry. You will also see the sealing suface impression in the rubber, which will give you an idea of where it is hanging up (if it is), because the exhaust manifold gaskets will leave their mark. When putting the cover back on, you need to make sure you gently slide it up the head to make sure it doesn't hang on the exhaust gaskets.

Hope this makes sense, and helps.
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