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Axillary fan not engaging till 105 - 1995 E320

A friend's 1995 E320 is getting a bit hot during summer when A/C is on and idling. I read this post: '93 w124 M104 Aux fan ground location.

I am thinking it may be the resistor because it does now seem to have a low speed. If I recall correctly (from my 1987 300TDT), when A/C is engaged the Axillary fans turn on low. When Temps reach 105, it goes to medium, and then at 120 is run at full.

I have been reading that it is only 2 speed, low and high. Either way, it appears to turn onto High at 105 and does nothing when A/C is turned on.

Should the fan be engaging on low when the A/C is on?
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