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Ken & Piotr -

I did the Ali Al-Chalabi caliper road test - drive 15 miles and don't touch the brakes, coast to a stop (without getting killed on Miami's freeways), then get out and feel the rotors. Mine were cool to the touch.

Question: If a caliper were sticking or pulsating, thus grabbing the rotor and perhaps warping it, wouldn't the rotors be super hot? Mine are cool. BTW - since getting Michelins and a good alignment, the car doesn't pull anymore. It just shakes after 10 minutes of driving.

Question: With only 50k on the car, would I be looking at new struts so soon? That has been my major concern with this car - I thought the suspension components would last around 100k or so after reading so many posts on here. What's the typical lifespan of some of these suspension parts? Is my car out of the average?

Should it feel like my teeth are coming out everytime I hit a road reflector? Several months ago, the car drove like a Cadillac (sorry guys!). Now it feels like a go-cart. What's funny is that I love this car so much - if it were not a MB then I'd drive it until something came flying off the car, then I'd worry about it. But, I look forward to it feeling like a Benz again!


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